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Emergency training programs, offered throughout Ontario, that build your confidence and challenge your abilities to respond competently to emergencies.
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  Aquatic Rescue

Water emergencies happen to anyone at any time. Specialized water rescue skills enable rescuers to stay afloat while helping others find solid ground. Learn the techniques to assisting various types of water casualties.


Aquatic Rescue
  Urban Rescue

In an emergency seconds can be the difference between life and death. Providing medical assistance and being the first link in the chain of survival is easier than you think. Learn basic and advanced skills to help when it is needed most.


Urban Rescue
  Wilderness Rescue

Whether your adventure is one day or several weeks the specialized skills needed to respond to emergencies in remote areas are all the same. Mother Nature is notorious for throwing challenges our way - learn to respond to them when 911 is more than a phone call away.


Wilderness Rescue
  Leadership Programs

Becoming a First Aid / CPR instructor provides opportunities to help others master basic first aid skills and opens doors to earning extra money on the side. Learn basic instructional techniques, class management and course organization skills. All leadership programs require co-teaching upon successful completion of the initial instructor course.





Advanced Programs

Advanced training in pre-hospital emergency care provides paramedic / nursing / firefighter students with an edge in a competitive employment market. Refine trauma and medical assessment skills to make these tools even stronger.


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